Wearable Health Monitoring System For Facilities


Cost-effective automatic vital health statistics recording and monitoring of your staff and/or customers
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Monitor vital health statistics such as body temperature and oxygen level of staff and/or clients while they are in your facility.


Real-time alerts and notifications allow immediate actions to minimize health issues related to the spread of viruses (COVID-19) and diseases in the facility.


Werabol also serves as a personal fitness device with additional features such as steps, calories, and distance tracking; and sleep monitor.

werabol portal

The Werabol Portal is a simple, easy-to-manage monitoring system that consolidates all your connected Werabol devices and provides active, real-time automated analytics of health data. Body temperature and Oxygen level of wearers are taken automatically at defined intervals and displayed in the Portal Dashboard.


Active alerts and notifications provide instant visual and audible alerts when health thresholds are hit. And advanced data analytics will show trends in potential issues so they can be addressed before they happen.


The system can be installed in various types of facilities to help businesses, institutions, schools, and venues reopen a safer environment for their employees, customers, members and patrons. It's easy-to-install and easy-to-use, and the system can be up and running in minutes with no extensive training or technical knowledge required.

traditional manual health checking
werabol's automated system


Operating cost for the typical business increased at least 30% due to new health and safety protocols. Aside from the price of PPE equipment such as No-Touch Digital Thermometers or Oxymeters skyrocketing due to demand, the labor cost associated with conducting these regular health checks is the highest additional expense that businesses have to carry.


As an example, in a daycare environment where regular temperature checks are mandated, the average size facility incurs approximately $188 per day in labor cost alone to conduct these checks. That translates to $4,136 per month or close to $50,000 in reduced net revenue per year.


Use the calculator below to see how much your business can save by switching to Werabol's automated system. In most cases, businesses are able to recoup the initial setup cost after just the 1st month.




A more cost effective solution

The average business must now implement new safety measures in this new normal. Foremost of which is effective Temperature checks of staff and customers as they enter the facility. For businesses where customers and/or staff stay in the facility for extended periods of time, such as offices, schools, daycares, construction sites, etc., using manual no-touch thermometers are costly because of the labor cost to oversee the constant temperature recording.


Werabol provides a more cost-effective solution as it automates the process. The automated data analytics also provides additional cost benefits as it eliminates hundreds of labor hours analyzing tha data to determine trends.


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